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We’re not in it for the money…

Your financial situation is your business. Producing and sharing theatre is our business. If you want to see a show, come see a show. If you are able to pay some amount in exchange, we welcome the support.

We have no shortage of needs here! Send us an email with a statement of interest (i.e. your interests, skills, and why you’d like to work with us).

Note: all staff are hired as independent contractors and are paid minimal stipends. We’re working hard to be able to provide appropriate compensation to all staff!

Let’s get one thing clear… we love new plays and new playwrights, and we’re here to support you! We typically accept submission in the fall for the following season. Stay tuned and email us if you have any questions!

⏳ History

Queer Theatre Kalamazoo was founded by Laura Kay Henderson in 2013. We became recognized as a nonprofit organization in the state of Michigan in 2015, and received our federal 501(c)3 status in 2018. We have produced over 35 new plays since then.

EIN: 47-4879140

🏳️‍🌈 Mission

Our mission is to empower queer voices, support emerging artists, and build community through the production of Equality Entertainment.

⭐ Board-Defined Ends
  1. Queer artists are empowered
  2. There is a space for performance centered on the queer experience
  3. There is a model for equitable and inclusive practices in the arts

🎨 Leadership Staff
  • Hazel Lynn James, Executive Director
  • Connar Klock, Artistic Director
🏛️ Governance
  • "C" Heaps, President
  • Karen Libman, Interim Vice President
  • Suzanne Vander Salm, Treasurer
  • Adam Ostrander, Secretary
  • Kevin Dodd, Officer
  • Nathan Moore, Officer
  • Nicki Poer, Officer