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Posted on May 30, 2019
With Laura Henderson moving on from Queer Theatre Kalamazoo to other projects, we look to the future of the organization.

After six years at the helm after founding the organization in 2013, Laura Kay Henderson is stepping down and moving on to other projects. Although she will continue to serve in an advisory capacity, she will no longer hold a position of executive leadership.

Like many other Kalamazoo arts organizations recently, this presents an exciting opportunity for Queer Theatre Kalamazoo to bring on some fresh energy and perspectives to the leadership team.

After a long search by the hiring committee, we are pleased to announce that the position of Executive Director will be filled by Hazel James, and the position of Artistic Director by Connar Klock who has been an active member of the organization. “It has been an honor to lead this organization for the past six years. I am grateful to know that our mission will be carried on by such talented individuals,” writes Laura, “Thank you to the QTK board, new staff, and our community of supporters. Queer Theatre wouldn’t be here without you!”

We look forward to an exciting future for the organization under the leadership of Hazel and Connar. Stay tuned to learn more about them and their vision for Queer Theatre Kalamazoo!

Hazel James, while not native to Kalamazoo, has been an active member of, and contributor to the local arts community since moving here in 2015. She has worked with a number of organizations including the WMU Theatre Guild, the Gilmore Keyboard Festival, Miller Auditorium, and most recently the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. With this background, in conjunction with her studies at Western Michigan University in Theatre Arts Management and Business Management, she brings a rich and diverse set of perspectives, experiences, and skills to Queer Theatre Kalamazoo.

Connar Klock is a BFA Acting graduate of Western Michigan University with a focus in directing and dramaturgy. He has directed at WMU, The Manistee Civic Players, Stage Left Theatre Co., Activate Midwest and The Oaktree Studio, three churches and one synagogue. Connar served as the Festival Coordinator for Activate Midwest for the 2017 and 2018 New Play Festivals. He has exhibited his love for dramaturgy on The Christians, A Doll’s House Pt 2, and Doubt: A Parable at Farmers Alley Theatre and by serving on the play selection committee for Activate Midwest. Connar has a dedication to the queer perspective and can’t wait to help that perspective grow with Queer Theatre Kalamazoo. 

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