Allison Fradkin


Scriptly speaking, Allison Fradkin (she/her/hers) delights in creating satirically scintillating stories that (sur)pass the Bechdel Test and enlist their characters in a caricature of the idiocies and intricacies of insidious isms. Her plays have been presented by theatres nationwide, including QTK, who featured her work in their Queer Shorts Play Festival. An enthusiast of inclusivity and accessibility, Fradkin freelances for her hometown of Chicago as Literary Manager of Violet Surprise Theatre, curating new works by queer playwrights; and as Dramatist for Special Gifts Theatre, adapting scripts for actors of all abilities. In addition to being a Drama Queen (a position that, unlike Butter Queen, she's got down pat), Allison has a gay old time vintage shopping, volunteering, and tending to her thespian tendencies.

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