Connar Klock


Connar Klock is a queer, Michigan based, director and producer interested in analyzing the “Flyover Country” attitude, coastal elite fetishization of rural trauma and sensibilities, and how they aid in the erasure of marginalized voices in the Midwest. Most of Connar’s work puts new plays at the center, including serving as the Festival Coordinator for Activate Midwest: A New Play Festival twice, and returning in subsequent years to direct and serve on play reading committees.

In eleven years of theatre involvement, Connar has worked on over 50 shows, directed for 8 companies and 11 new play festivals, and is still as sentimental as day one. They hold a BFA in Theatre Performance(‘18) from Western Michigan University and currently serve as the Managing Artistic Director of Queer Theatre Kalamazoo. They are the first of 5 children to their mother, who is the first of 5 to her mother, who is the first of 8 to her mother, all raised up and down along the coast of Lake Michigan. They carry that with them.

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