Katherine Elise


Katherine Elise is an active composer, music arranger and performer based in Chicago.  She has pursued many musical endeavors between developing her love for music behind the piano in the dusty hallways of the Wausau Conservatory of Music in her hometown in Wisconsin and joining the Queer Theatre Kalamazoo community while finishing her undergraduate degree at Western Michigan University. She served as music director for The Stage School in Chicago, Central Wisconsin Children's Theatre, and Wausau East End Players. Her leadership flourished as assistant music director at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, music producer for Gold Company at WMU, and director for the sophomore performance of DMV The Musical by playwright Jonathon Smith.

Many thanks former Executive Director Hazel James for introducing her to the community years ago when she was a baby queer.  Collaborating with playwright Allison Fradkin and bringing these timeless songs to life for Say Cheesecake! has been one of her favorite projects, as she continues to seek. Tonight, she would like to dedicate her music arrangements to the beloved actress and activist for animal rights and social justice, Betty White.

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